About the

Sounds cliché these days because everyone seems to attach the slogan ‘by backpackers for backpackers’ to their product, but that’s just what we are: backpackers for life! We are still out there working in hostels and with travel operators, socialising with backpackers at hostel bars and cafes and with every chance we get we are out discovering the world for ourselves with our backpacks strapped to our backs. That’s how we know our products are good, because we would have used them if they were available when we started travelling in South America!

Some of us arrived to Latin America as backpackers and others were born here, but we have all made friends with the Owners, Operators and just plain travel enthusiasts who make up the Backpackers scene on the continent and whom make it possible to offer our bus passes at such low prices.

Our hope and dream is that you have the travel experiences in South America similar to those experiences that we have been lucky to have which has made us come to the conclusion that South America is the best region in the world to travel!

Our mission

We provide useful information and authentic solutions aimed at independent travelers, and achieve this by providing unique products to facilitate easy travel through a network of routes which cover many of the highlights found within the areas we service.

We strive to fulfill the wants and needs of travelers at the right price, and to provide the most user friendly system available for pre-planning travel, while at the same time help to sustain local economies. We promote growth through superior customer service, innovation, quality and a commitment which makes us the best in the eyes of our customers and employees.

So why the Green Toad?

Original thoughts were to name ourselves the ‘Gringo Bus’ in reference to what the locals call foreign travellers in Latin America. After a bit more wine, we decided to go with something that rhymed a little with ‘Gringo’ and fitted better into the hop-on hop-off nature of our travel passes. And so Green Toad Bus was born. We called it ‘toad’ rather than ‘frog’ because frogs are pretty, we are not (well some of us!) and toads looked better equipped to backpack more than frogs (must have been the wine!).

All of us at the Green Toad Bus want you to enjoy your experiences here in South America and hope that you decide to Hop with the Toad!

Diego Marcel (CEO)

Born to a Brazilian dad and Argentinian mother, Diego gets to choose what country he comes from depending on who won the football that day! Diego has done his own backpacking around South America travelling all over Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Peru and Columbia. He studied tourism and became a guide leading people around the Iguassu Waterfalls and national parks.

Diego worked in hostels in Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, the Pantanal area, Florinopolis and the USA before moving back to Foz do Iguacu to open his own. He also has his own travel agency in Foz, which the Green Toad Bus also works out of. If he’s not backpacking or working in the hostel and agency, you will find Diego on the Iguacu river on his wake-board.

The Green Toad is registered in Brazil under the name RD FALLS AGENCIA DE VIAGENS E TURISMO LTDA
Reg.Emb. 31.325.0041-5